Renter’s Check List!

Booking season is about to begin! We suggest the following steps to make choosing a cottage a less stressful activity.

Develop a budget. If you have chosen WRD Cottage Rental, we have approximately 180 cottage to chose from, varying in price from $850 to $4385 per week.

Figure out how many family members will be in your group.

Compare one cottage with another to figure the cost per person per night. As an example the budget is $2500, there are 6 people in the group, Divide $2500 by 6 people divided by 7 nights equals cost per person per night at $59.52. That’s $59 per person per night.

Next decision is how far do you want to travel to get to your cottage. Most people would like to stay within that 2.5 to 3.5 hour limit.

Bringing a pet? Please make sure that your pet is welcome at the cottage you choose. Is there is a vet within the area?

Special needs of the members of your group. Are there any medical issues? Are stairs or sloped properties an issue. Make sure that Vacation Planners are aware of any particular medical situations or special needs within your group.

Activities are a consideration. Is golf, biking, hiking or fishing or visiting events on your list? Any doubts or questions about the area ask your Vacation Planner.

Stop worrying, there is a cottage out there waiting for your arrival.

Please remember, the booking season starts in earnest on January 2nd. You will want to start your search now before cottage season, for the best choices.

Choose your cottage rental agency carefully. Do they know the area and can they assist you to choose a cottage that will suit your family’s’ needs? We invite you   to call WRD Cottage Rental Agency at 705-457-9434 and talk with one of their Vacation Planners or you can email them at For     22 years they have been assisting people just like you. They can help you with your budget and provide information about cottages available to rent. They have       visited every cottage in their inventory on their website at All of the pictures on their web site were taken by a WRD     representative.

We, at WRD Cottage Rental Agency, would love to assist you and your family achieve your vacation plans.

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