Renting Your Cottage?

red cottage by water

Renting the family cottage can be overwhelming.  There are so many agencies to choose from.

The large international marketing agencies are very attractive.   They offer lots of exposure to potential renters.  Most of the large agencies are located in the United States or in Europe with little or no personal contact with you, or the potential vacationer.  The cottage maintenance is your responsibility with no promise of control over vacationers.

You thought you wanted to rent the cottage with an agency to save time and money, not to make more work.  What should you look for in an agency?

Look for:

A local agency boasting local employees, who are familiar with the community and area in which they offer rentals, for at least 5 years.

• An agency who is insured and a member of TICO.

• An agency who has a professional office located in the represented vacation area.

• The agency should respond knowledgeably to inquiries and screen all applications.

• The agency ensures that the owner expectations are honoured.

The agency should be able to take care of deposits and payments in a timely manner  and should be able to accept all major credit cards.

• Questions and problems (if any) are managed by the agency. An emergency number for the vacationer and/or if necessary, the owners.

• The agency provides guidelines to ensure that the cottage is ready left in the same condition it was rented.

• Ask the family after their departure, if they enjoyed their vacation and look for any suggestions that would make the experience or cottage better.

How do we know? WRD Cottage Rental Agency is a family owned agency operating since 1995 with their office located in Haliburton Village, centered to serve the Ontario Highlands.

WRD Cottage Rental Agency   705-457-9434


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