Samara’s Story

Unlike Black Beauty, a classic fiction novel by Anna Sewell dated 1877, Samara’s extraordinary story is a true one.  As a young horse, she – like Black Beauty –  galloped across open meadows but Samara knew no halter, stall, or human touch until much later.  What she did know was the footsteps and voice of a man, her owner, who came every day in winter and summer to feed, talk to, and admire her along with six other horses.  They were his love and the product of his dream of breeding Redford bloodlines. 

Samara’s life changed in 2014, as did the rest of the herd’s, when her owner fell ill and passed away.  This is where Inukshuk Farm comes into the story.  We, along with good friends and fellow horsemen, brought these seven horses to our farm for handling and care while their beloved owner spent his last days in hospital.  We were able to share pictures of his horses with him every day and kept him up to date on his granddaughter Zoie’s progress with the young ones. 

Some animals have a special connection with humans and so it was with Samara and Zoie. Within a short time Zoie was riding Samara and within only two months Samara was making her long trailer journey to live with her new best friend in Texas.  Samara is still galloping across the fields but now Zoie is on her back,  and she is galloping on a horse ranch in Texas.  Let’s not be surprised if “Cowboy Jim’s” special line of Redford horses continue with this pretty black mare named Samara.  If you want to see more of Samara and her beginning ground work and saddle training, then tune into youtube:lopinfordays.  It is a must see!

As a special note, the other six horses from this herd, Skipper, Sally, Dakota, Remi, Chance and Desirae, all have excellent homes too.   

Submitted by Janice Ecclestone, Inukshuk Farm

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