Shaving Cream Eggs

Shaving Cream Eggs craft

These exciting colourful eggs were so easy to make – messy, but easy! They were so enjoyable to make, we plan to do more right before Easter.

All you need is shaving cream (make sure it is shaving cream and not gel), eggs and food colouring (we went with neon!). I used a glass dish to roll the eggs in but I’ve seen suggestions of separate bowls for each egg. Remember that plastic or metal might be stained from the food colouring. We boiled our eggs ahead of time and let them cool, definitely much sturdier for little hands when boiled.

Cover the bottom of your dish with about 1 inch of shaving cream and smooth out so there are no lumps and bumps, drop food colouring over the top and then use a toothpick to swirl it around. If you keep it to one or two colours at a time you are less likely to end up with muddy brown/green. We did two colours at each end of the pan and tried to keep them as separate as possible.

You will need something to put your creamed eggs on, we used a piece of cardboard from the recycling. Roll each egg in the shaving cream until it is covered, and set onto the cardboard. Let the eggs sit for 20 -30 minutes or until the shaving cream starts to dry up.

Wipe the eggs off with paper towel. Check out those colours!

**I would NOT suggest eating these eggs. The shaving cream could definitely permeate the shell leaving the egg inside unsafe.

**Be prepared for stained fingers, or wear gloves

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