Skittles Rainbow

St. Patrick’s Day for kids. I like to do themed crafts, so if there is a holiday or event around the corner it’s always fun to make something that corresponds with that special day. It’s a good excuse to try something you wouldn’t on a normal craft day.

This time we made a leprechauns rainbow. You will need a package of skittles, a plate and some warm water.

On a round [preferably] white plate create a pattern with your skittles outlining the outside edge of the plate. Once you have your pattern complete, slowly pour warm water into the centre of the plate until the undersides of the skittles are submersed in water. Wait. Be patient. It takes some time depending on how warm your water is. Slowly you will start to see the colour begin to move, and your very own rainbow will appear! I enjoyed all the observations the kids had to make; how fast the colour moves, the colours that appear as the rainbow mixes, the breakdown of the sugary skittles.

After our rainbow experiment we enjoyed some clover leaf pancakes, just mix up a batch of normal pancake batter and add a couple drops of green food colouring. If you are opposed to food colouring blend up some spinach and mix it in, you won’t even be able to taste it. Add three small blobs of batter to your pan which meet in the middle to form your cloverleaf. We added green apples and green grapes to go with our green theme.

Emily Ireland

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