Small Business Ideas for Extra Income During Retirement

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Many individuals who face their retirement years do not feel ready to spend their days golfing or playing card games. Many people need the stimulation of being among the public with specific tasks that provide challenge and a sense of accomplishment. Here are five small businesses you can start that will keep bodies and minds active, as well as bring in additional money.

1 – House sitting Taking care of property while homeowners are out of town can be a good way to get additional income and provide a service that is highly desirable in some communities. Some home-sitters also provide plant care, which can be an attractive feature for many homeowners.

2 – Dog Walking/Pet Sitting With many people working longer hours or with long commutes, dog-walking services have become a necessity for many pet owners. If you are good with animals or have dogs of your own, you can use your pet ownership skills to help others care for their pets.

3 – Personal Companion  With more people choosing to age in their own homes, home care for the elderly is becoming a popular service to help families care for older family members while they are at work. You can take advantage of this new trend in elder care by providing transportation and personal companionship.

4 – Handyman If you are good with your hands and enjoy home improvement projects, you can transfer the knowledge you already have into a business that helps other people with the typical projects that need doing around their homes. 

5 – Lawn Care and Gardening If you love to garden and care for lawns, you can provide this service for other homeowners who are too busy or too frail to do this type of work themselves. 

If you look around your community, you can usually find a number of smaller niches that haven’t yet been filled by other businesses. You can use these opening to launch your own small business that can keep you engaged in your retirement, as well as make money for hobbies, travel or other enjoyments.

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