Spring Cleaning Your Car Fast and Easy!

Spring is in the air and with this beautiful season comes the desire to clean! But it’s not just your home needing to freshen up, after a long winter on the messy roads, our vehicles are in need of a good clean up too! Inside and out you’ll want to get your car Spring ready and here are some tips to make the job faster and easier.

Starting with the outside, if you have a nice day and like washing it yourself – get scrubbing or to keep things faster and easier head to the car wash where you’ll have everything you need there. Remove all of the Winter’s road salt, mud and grime. Finish off the wash with a car wax, to seal the paint and add a shiny coat.

Now for the interior, that has also suffered over the Winter months. Start by removing garbage and junk and don’t forget under the seats and the trunk. It is best to start with cleaning the inside roof and work your way down. Don’t take your mats out until after you are finished cleaning the inside of the car, so they can catch the debris that falls as you clean. Through the winter months the dirty car mats and carpets will especially be in need of a good clean up. Remove the mats and hose them down with a pressure washer to really cut through the build up. If you don’t own one, you can use one at a self-service car wash. Vacuum the carpets and use carpet cleaner if needed with and a heavy-duty scrub brush. Let the mats dry thoroughly before putting them back in.

The last step should be the windows, as they will get the dirt from the other steps on them while you clean. Use a good car-window cleaner, as household cleaner contains ammonia which causes fogging. Your clean and fresh car will now be good to go hit the roads in this nice Spring weather.

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