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dock in water

Getting Ready for Summer with Easy Dock Installation

Getting Ready for Summer with Easy Dock Installation

The snow is on the ground, the winds are blowing, the temperature feels like we are all living in the Artic. But we start to notice the birds and animals scouring around. They all know spring is on it’s way. It’s that time of year when cottagers are starting to think spring. The warm air,

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seeds in containers

Keeping Your Home Organized

Keeping your home organized can be a very taxing job.  A lot of people have more stuff than they know what to do with, much less where to put that stuff.  Here are a few simple tips for getting your home organized and keeping it that way.  First, make sure that everything you have is

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contractors working

The Ontario Building Code is Your Friend

For those of you that are planning a summer project, remember to reference the O.B.C. to help in your design and from there, help in doing an appropriate material list. Always check for municipal guidelines and set backs if you are waterfront. These are available from your local building department or online. Always get permits

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red cottage by water

Renting Your Cottage?

Renting the family cottage can be overwhelming.  There are so many agencies to choose from. The large international marketing agencies are very attractive.   They offer lots of exposure to potential renters.  Most of the large agencies are located in the United States or in Europe with little or no personal contact with you, or

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hiram-walker town

Those Were The Days

“Our Walk Through History” I always enjoyed studying history but when I became a small part involved within that history, the past took on a whole new meaning. My wife and I were born and raised in Windsor, Ontario in areas west and east respectively of the city, both areas steeped in history. My wife

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Lifestyle Windows in kitchen

The Green Light on GreenON Savings

A Better Planet and up to $5,000 in Window Rebates Energy savings was at the top of the list when Rebecca and Michael McDougall researched replacement windows last year for their ranch-style bungalow. Functionality, overall value, and aesthetic appeal were also important. “We are very happy with our Lifestyle windows,” says Michael, a real estate

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Horse in paddock

Camping with Horses

Not clouds, rain or slippery slopes dimmed our spirits as we set off on our horse camping adventure!  Each day we saddled up and headed to the trailhead (where all trails begin) – which included a daunting slippery slope to a water crossing.  Luckily our horses enjoyed the water, which led us to the challenging

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Alliance Agri-Turf tower

Providing Farmers with Service and Knowledge to Grow By

When there are so many names in the agriculture game, it can be hard to sort out what products and services are the best fit for your farm business and its needs. You need a company that invests, listens and responds to the need and concerns of its customers. Alliance Agri-Turf is that company, created

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