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cottage with lots of snow

Winter Maintenance at the Cottage

Winter Maintenance at the Cottage

A trip to cottage country is always time well spent and it’s always a good idea to check in through the winter, to make sure everything is OK. Certain items should be on your things to do list before getting on the road. • Make sure you have the keys!!! • A snow rake and

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Deb and Dave on hay bale

A Farm Wedding Story in Cottage Country

Deb and Dave wanted a wedding that was special and beautiful, yet uniquely expressing their individual style. They decided on a farm country wedding that was casual and comfortable for both them and their guests. It was a record hot day on September 23rd of 2017 and no one expected the 31-degree temperature, on a

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Christmas Lights with Contractors Corner Logo

Hanging Your Christmas Lights Like a Pro

The festive season is just around the corner, if time allows – hang your lights now. Warmer weather makes what can be a detailed and tedious task much easier, and you don’t have to fight the snow and frigid temperatures. WHERE: Determine your layout and design. Measure the total length required and compare this to

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dave linkert

Your Closing the Cottage Checklist

We all love spending time at the cottage relaxing, but somehow the season seems to whiz by. Suddenly it’s time to close the cottage. Getting everything ready for the cold weather is always a chore, so be sure to cover all the bases; which makes your spring opening, a breeze. Clear out all food items

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mold on wall

Black Mold More Common Than You Think

Black mold can be a scary and dangerous thing. It sneaks up in places that we can sometimes neglect in our daily cleaning routines, and it is more common than you think. Black mold can cause an allergic reactions, headaches, nausea, rashes and chronic coughing. Plus it poses risk to your home or cottage as

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little boy in front of screen door

Contractors Corner – What you need to know about Replacing Screens

With mosquito season upon us, replacing window and door screens is a common thing people need to do, but many of us might think we need to hire someone to fix it. Replacing your window or door screen is easy when you know how. Let’s walk you through it and turn things around in no

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Man doing home inspection

Getting a Proper Home Inspection is Critical

I know, I know, we are hearing it all over cottage country “it’s a seller’s market”, but let’s not forget about common sense. Bidding wars have become the norm in recent months and if you are ready to stretch your budget, then at least go in with a safety net and be a wise buyer. The

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Contractors Corner: Contracting Work You Need Done Right

Summer is here and it’s time to get your projects moving. Should you do it yourself or hire a professional?  Hiring a contractor can be more stressful than the project itself. Follow these simple tips to ease your stress and enjoy your project. Draft your plan. Write out a scope of the work and the

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