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2 heart bowls of fruit

Unlocking the Potential of Food

The promotional “Nutrition Month” may have wrapped up for another year across Canada, but organizations such as the Community Care Health & Care Network in the City of Kawartha Lakes stress the potential of food to enhance lives at all times of the year. Eating intelligently not only improves our health, but it can inspire

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delivering meal to customer

Meals on Wheels Program

More Than a Meal Since the Community Care Health & Care Network’s inception in 1985, Meals on Wheels has been much more than just a food delivery program. While on any given day of the work week, dozens of local residents’ nutritional needs get met via Meals on Wheels, the program is “more than a

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Strawberry french toast on plate

Strawberry Cream Cheese French Toast and Nest Eggs

Strawberry Cream Cheese French Toast 8 slices Texas Toast Cream Cheese Strawberry Jam 6 eggs 1 tbsp milk or cream cinnamon Spread cream cheese on 4 slices of bread and spread jam on the other 4 slices of bread – put together with cream cheese slice to make a sandwich. Set aside. Beat eggs, milk

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Wholesale Shopping

How does lower costs and a better choice of products sound?  This is wholesale shopping! Wholesalers buy goods directly from the manufacturers and usually sell them in large quantities to retailers, distributors, smaller sellers and some companies even sell to regular consumers.  It is a common misconception that the only people who can buy from

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What’s Really In Your Sandwich

Before you take the next bite into your lunch, ask yourself… can I trust that this sandwich loaded with sprouts, tomatoes, chicken breast, mustard and lettuce is exactly just that? Am I ingesting GMOs, pesticides or herbicides which could be causing damage to my body long term? Am I nourishing my body or feeding a

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Apple Fritters

Most of the apples grown in Ontario ripen between mid-September and late October, which means that things are ripe for the picking. Almost all apple varieties can be eaten fresh and most can be used for juicing, however, they are categorized into four groups: Cider apples like Mutsu or Empire. Dessert apples include Red Delicious,

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Garlic Expressions Recipes

Raspberry or Mango Vinaigrette Mash up soft raspberries and whisk into Garlic Expressions for a raspberry dressing for a summery salad. Same can be done with ripe mango, but it needs to be puréed before whisking. Roasted Baby Potatoes Wash red and white baby potatoes and toss in Garlic Expressions.  Add a pinch of sea

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