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tray of cookies

Have a Great Christmas Eve and Track Santa With The Kids

Have a Great Christmas Eve and Track Santa With The Kids

There is a fun website that allows you to track Santas progress. It’s filled with neat activities and even Kringle Radio! What a fun and exciting way to spend the evening, and don’t forget to leave the out milk and cookies and carrots if you have any 🙂 Check out the website here: https://santaupdate.com/

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playdough pumpkin in wrap

Halloween Playdough

When I was a kid my mom always made our own Play-dough at home with me. She was always wary of pre-packaged everything. I can still hear her say ‘Why would we buy it, when we can make it ourselves?” I’m glad she did. Now when I need a quick hands-on project for my kids,

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cat smelling catnip

Cats and Catnip. A Match Made in Heaven

As most cat owners know: cats are crazy for catnip. Give kitties some catnip and most of them will be rolling about in a state of ecstasy within seconds. Why do they do that? Here are a few interesting facts about catnip and its effects on your feline friend. • Catnip’s effect on cats was

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couple sitting on dock with sunset

Renewing Your Life Your Way

Finding the right location where you want to spend your retiring years, requires taking stock of your wants, needs and abilities. Within your means and abilities, you want to give great thought to those things that would bring peace to your life, a sense of fulfillment and most of all “joy.” Renewing your outlook on

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tents by water

Cottage Country Living with Dani

Today as I was packing for our family vacation I thought about all the family vacations that my parents had taken us on. Every summer, they’d dig out the tents, sleeping bags and camping gear from the garage. Coolers, suitcases and first aid kits were carefully packed and repacked, to ensure that we children stayed

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Kids running in a field

Life Is Just One Big Adventure for Kids in Cottage Country

There is nothing young children love more than being able to run ‘wild’ in wide open spaces, to be able to set forth on grand adventures and to embark upon exciting outdoor explorations! And with the opportunity to visit farms, go horse riding, kayaking or canoeing, to observe wildlife in its natural habitat, or even

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Bee on a flower

Nature Bingo

There is nothing better than spending the day roaming around in the great outdoors. I so enjoy watching the wonder on kids’ faces as they experience the tiny miracles of nature. Sometimes when you are searching for one thing, you will discover something you weren’t looking for, and most of the time the new find

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bright tent surrounded by trees

Good Times and Camping Memories

Some of the best memories of my childhood are from family camping trips. Recollections of tent collapses, camp fire marshmallow roasts with my whole family, and playing endless badminton games on the dusty dirt roads between campsites with my brother; these memories are what have stuck with me into adulthood. Camping can take you away

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