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canoe on beach at sunset

Exploring Our Own Backyard

Exploring Our Own Backyard

One month ago, on June 21, we observed the Summer Solstice, and, more importantly, National Indigenous Peoples Day – a day when Indigenous Peoples’ culture and heritage are celebrated through traditional song, dance, and spiritual reflection. What better way to celebrate the Earth’s revolutions and its deep heritage than to reconnect with the beauty that

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Paul Chester Studio

Paul Chester Evoking an Emotional Response

Standing in front of a painting and giving it your full attention allows you to get lost in the feeling and emotion it bestows upon you. Art provides many a tool with which to speak directly to the souls of others. Paul Chester is one of those gifted artists that is able to take an

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stream running through forest

Forest Bathing in Cottage Country

Cottage Country nature lovers instinctively know what ‘forest bathing’ – or ‘Shinrin-Yoku’ – is, and many have been doing it intuitively for years. For those who aren’t sure, the term originates in Japan and literally means ‘taking in the forest atmosphere for one’s well-being’. An alternative description could be ‘nature therapy’ which has likely existed

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hummingbird in flight

Beautiful Hummingbirds and How To Attract Them

There are few things more beautiful to discover fluttering around your yard or garden than hummingbirds.  Measuring only 2 to 3 inches in length, their petite little bodies weigh less than a single ounce.  They mesmerize onlookers with their ability to beat their wings 80 times each second.  Hummingbirds can fly backwards or even hover

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Bee on a flower

Nature Bingo

There is nothing better than spending the day roaming around in the great outdoors. I so enjoy watching the wonder on kids’ faces as they experience the tiny miracles of nature. Sometimes when you are searching for one thing, you will discover something you weren’t looking for, and most of the time the new find

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man carrying a canoe

Canoeing and Portaging in Cottage Country

Candians have been canoeing and portaging for thousands of years. Canada’s native citizens used birch bark canoes to traverse this land’s lakes and rivers, and the first European explorers did the same. In this, Canada’s 150th year as a country, what would be more fitting than taking out a canoe and doing a little paddling

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couple hiking

Tips on Hiking in Cottage Country

One of the best ways to get out to see our beautiful cottage country is to go for a hike on any of the numerous hiking and walking trails in the area. In addition to being a great physical work out, hiking can be a perfect stress reliever, and can recharge the spirit as well.

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Your Backyard Nature Oasis

Your backyard can come alive with beautiful birds and butterflies when you know the right plants and features to add to your garden. Your yard is a place to relax and enjoy, and enhancing it naturally to attract these beautiful species will create your very own nature oasis. Setting up the right environment to attract

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