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dock in water

Getting Ready for Summer with Easy Dock Installation

Getting Ready for Summer with Easy Dock Installation

The snow is on the ground, the winds are blowing, the temperature feels like we are all living in the Artic. But we start to notice the birds and animals scouring around. They all know spring is on it’s way. It’s that time of year when cottagers are starting to think spring. The warm air,

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Deb and Dave on hay bale

A Farm Wedding Story in Cottage Country

Deb and Dave wanted a wedding that was special and beautiful, yet uniquely expressing their individual style. They decided on a farm country wedding that was casual and comfortable for both them and their guests. It was a record hot day on September 23rd of 2017 and no one expected the 31-degree temperature, on a

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lake with boats at dock

A Gift for the Whole Family

Often the financial burden of owning a cottage causes more stress and worry than the amount of time spent relaxing at the cottage is worth. When you consider taxes, running costs, maintenance and upkeep, as well as mortgage and loan payments, a cottage can end up being a huge drain on finances. Thankfully there is

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playdough pumpkin in wrap

Halloween Playdough

When I was a kid my mom always made our own Play-dough at home with me. She was always wary of pre-packaged everything. I can still hear her say ‘Why would we buy it, when we can make it ourselves?” I’m glad she did. Now when I need a quick hands-on project for my kids,

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4 wooden chairs on dock

Own the Cottage of Your Dreams in Ontario

Owning a cottage is a dream for many. This dream can be a tough one to accomplish, with everything considered. However, there is a simple option that includes amenities to suit everyone. Great Blue Resorts fills the void that exists in the Ontario Cottage and Vacation Home marketplace by providing family friendly resorts in eight

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tents by water

Cottage Country Living with Dani

Today as I was packing for our family vacation I thought about all the family vacations that my parents had taken us on. Every summer, they’d dig out the tents, sleeping bags and camping gear from the garage. Coolers, suitcases and first aid kits were carefully packed and repacked, to ensure that we children stayed

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shoreline with rocks

Fall and Winter Shoreline Work

As we begin to think about summer coming to a close, we also start to consider projects we’ve either put off doing over the summer, or, projects like shoreline work that are predominantly carried out in the fall and winter months. Now is the ideal time to ensure you have someone trustworthy and knowledgeable who

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Kids running in a field

Life Is Just One Big Adventure for Kids in Cottage Country

There is nothing young children love more than being able to run ‘wild’ in wide open spaces, to be able to set forth on grand adventures and to embark upon exciting outdoor explorations! And with the opportunity to visit farms, go horse riding, kayaking or canoeing, to observe wildlife in its natural habitat, or even

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