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beautiful deck with rocking chairs

Contractors Corner: Deck Talk with Dave

Contractors Corner: Deck Talk with Dave

Summer seems like it has finally arrived and if you are like me, you love to spend a lot of time on your deck, enjoying the weather and some quality time with friends and family. To truly enjoy your deck, you need to make sure that it is safe while still looking good. A thorough

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row of Bobcaygeon Paddles

Bobcaygeon: Always bloomin’ beautiful, and now unique too

When an Impact 32 team came up with the name Vibrant Village, they also came up with a plan to back it up. Bobcaygeon volunteers are making the village fun and attractive this summer, and people are showing a lot of interest in some unique new ideas. It’s all about the paddles this year, just

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kids getting on tube

Fun on the Water

The Ultimate Guide for Tubing with Jay Poole As a watersports instructor, I believe tubing plays an important role introducing one to being towed behind a boat. Tubing develops confidence in the water, helps with fundamental skills like hanging on, and allows riders to understand what it’s like being behind the boat. Recently we started

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paris marine building front

Paris Marine for everything you need at the lake

When you think cottage country, you think lakes, and when you think lakes – you think boats. It’s a natural thought progression as many of us spend the summer relaxing; cruising the lake, fishing our favourite honey-holes, or laughing as we enjoy the thrill of water sports like  wake surfing, skiing and tubing. Finding the

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Romantic beach scene. Female and male flip flpp sandals on the beach

So Much to See, Do and NOT Do in Cottage Country

We want you to have the best experience this year in Cottage Country. Here is a list of some things you definitely want to Do and Not Do this year. DO! Discover the Hotlist of Destinations and Attractions Explore Events in Cottage Country Communities Visit Local Farmers Markets Delight Your Tastebuds with the Cottage Country

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mike and other man with big fish

Hooked: Pro Fishing Tips with Mike Williams

Bass & Muskie Fishing in Cottage Country It is an exciting time of year for anglers with Bass and Muskie season opening in FMZ 17 (Peterborough and the Kawarthas).  The weather is warming up and both species can be found in the shallows.  Bass Fishing: You can target Bass in shallow water cover: boat docks,

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Wooden dock, pier, on a lake in the evening. Dramatic sunset

The Early Morning Symphony

I’m an early morning riser. I am THAT person who opens their eyes at dawn, rolls out of bed within ten seconds and am coherent, happy and ready to take on the day. My husband is quite literally the exact opposite. If the expectation to wake up early comes anywhere near his sleep schedule, it

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blues brother tribute

Unlock The Summer

Blues Brothers Tribute comes to Bobcaygeon June 9th The Soul Brothers, Chris and Geoff Dahl, real brothers from London, Ontario, Canada mastered their craft as bluesmen in the early 90s while performing and recording with several R&B/Blues/Pop recording acts including Black Avalon (A&M records) Cassandra Vasik (Epic records) The Bushdoctors (A&M records), Melody Currant (Motown/Universal)

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