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land surveyor at sunset

Do You Know Your Property Boundaries?

Do You Know Your Property Boundaries?

Life is good – really good.  I have spent most of my career working in and around Ontario’s glorious cottage country.  I am an Ontario Land Surveyor. Your cottage property is your sanctuary – your paradise.  It is the place where memories are built and ties with family and friends are solidified.  But from a

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boy and girl holding fish

Leisure Fishing with Pro Angler Mike Williams

If you are lucky enough to get to the cottage or lake this summer, you will want to set aside some time to do some leisurely fishing. Fishing is a relaxing way to reconnect with nature, family and friends. Leave the cell phones alone for a few hours and escape the rigors of everyday life

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man spraying bug repellent

Protection and Avoidance of Black Flies and Ticks

Black flies are known to be prevalent from mid-May to approximately the end of June. (cold and wet can keep them here longer) Ticks, can be found in many wooded areas and are most active from approximately April to November. Here are some suggestions to help you protect yourself and avoid unwanted bites this year!

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dog with tennis ball

Tips to Help Your Dog Through the HEAT

Have lots of hydration available like water bowls with large floating Ice – try filling and freezing an old plastic ice cream tub with water and throw in some of your dog’s favorite balls or toys to make it fun while it melts. Spraying your pooch with a fine mist of water or soaking a

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hurt turtle

How to Help and Handle an Injured Turtle

From the Ontario Turtle Conservation Center 1. Carefully place the injured animal in a well-ventilated plastic container with a secure lid (turtles can climb!). 2. Most turtles can be picked up carefully with two hands. When handling snapping turtles keep a safe distance from their head as they will snap at you if they feel

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cooked corn on the cob

Cook Corn on the Cob Easily in Your Camping Cooler

Did you know you can take your “plastic” cooler and cook corn in it? Yes, you can! Shuck the husks off and then load your corn into your plastic cooler and cover with boiling water and close the lid. After 30 minutes drain the water and season the corn with spices and butter and you’ve got

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Friends and family making a toast at dinner party in garden

How to be the Perfect Cottage Guest

Follow our trusted tips on how to be the perfect cottage guest and we bet you’ll be asked back again and again. PACK WISELY – Cottage weekends are meant to be casual affairs so a few casual shirts, shorts, jeans and relaxed comfy (and even warm) clothing are the order of the day. Reminder –

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Romantic beach scene. Female and male flip flpp sandals on the beach

So Much to See, Do and NOT Do in Cottage Country

We want you to have the best experience this year in Cottage Country. Here is a list of some things you definitely want to Do and Not Do this year. DO! Discover the Hotlist of Destinations and Attractions Explore Events in Cottage Country Communities Visit Local Farmers Markets Delight Your Tastebuds with the Cottage Country

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