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For TV watchers, even though you’re skeptical about what you see on the tube, you might be able to relate to this.   How often have you watched a scene where someone is taken to a hospital in serious condition?  A friend or relative is asked “what can you tell me about him/her”?  While the answers will vary, they seldom can offer anything helpful.  A frequent response from the doctor is “I’m sorry but there’s nothing I can do”.

The truth is this happens in real life far too often.

Imagine what would happen while you’re vacationing half way around the world and you have a medical crisis. Being involved in an accident, some other event, or becoming ill could easily happen. Now your situation has become far more complicated than you ever imagined.

Time is probably the most crucial factor when a medical event occurs.  Take a moment to think about how important your health history would be to a healthcare provider who is a complete stranger to you and worse yet, how they might manage if you’re unable to speak for yourself.  Not having the benefit of your medical history can pose serious challenges and could even delay your treatment.  To know you’re in good health is useful.   But far more urgently, if you are receiving treatment that includes prescription medications or have a health history, your caregiver needs to know the details.

We live in a time where the unexpected can happen without warning.  No one is immune to becoming a victim.  It will be paramount for you to not only be readily identified but your medical needs promptly met because your health history is immediately available to caregivers.

You need and deserve the ability to control your health information for the very time you need it. Enabling timely access to your health history data is vitally important to you and the clinicians who will make decisions about your care.  The more information they have, the better your chances are for a positive outcome. It’s just that simple.

Before an event unexpectedly lands on your door step, making arrangements to help identify you, save crucial time, provide your health history and other vital data is truly in your best interest.  Angels of Flight Canada, now in its 30th year, together with its Global 911 International service understands the benefits of accessing medical data right away, anywhere, anytime.   

By Gail Courneyea
Angels of Flight Canada Inc.


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