Taking Care of the Whole Family

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Often when challenges come in life we need some help. We consider asking already tapped out family members and friends, only to be left feeling we are a burden. We go about the heroic process of trying to manage on our own, only to feel almost robotic in our day to day life…wondering how we can keep going.

Some tender love and care, especially when a loved one is ill or injured is so important. Often families are trying to manage health issues for a family member along with the day to day responsibilities of work and home, and they are left spent and exhausted, overwhelmed at all that lay before them.

If this is you, help is someone who understands and supports your entire family. Someone to listen to you and work with you, to create an adaptable plan that works for your family’s exclusive needs.

Meet Patti Clancy of AGAPE Caregiver Relief Inc (ACR). Meeting this bubbly happy woman, you will find yourself relaxing just listening to her. Patti is a qualified Registered Nurse and the owner of AGAPE Caregiver Relief. Doesn’t the name just make you feel better already?

In the early 17th century from Greek translation, the word “Agapē” (pronounced Ah-Gap-Ay) means “selfless love.”

I asked Patti about the name AGAPE. “Isn’t love what we all need?” she responds. I smiled…it’s not often we think of love when talking about a business.

Patti went on to explain that she wants her team of Personal Support Workers and Nurses to show love and compassion to her clients and that it is of paramount importance to her.

As a premier home care service, Patti is very proud to offer the highest quality of service and to provide respite for the entire family. She uses a holistic approach which focuses on the needs of the family as well as the client and the caregiver, and operates with the full understanding that each situation is unique and that needs can vary greatly from one home to another.

AGAPE Caregiver Relief provides 24/7 care and relief in homes, hospitals, retirement and nursing homes. They provide personal care for their clients as well as housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation.

AGAPE Caregiver Relief Services is also registered with the Veterans Independent Program and can provide up to 24-hour caregiver relief. Medical professionals are available 24/7 and palliative care services are also available.

“Living thousands of kilometres from my aging parents is so unsettling. Knowing what to do and how to care for them has been an ongoing and very steep learning curve. Keeping my parents at home and knowing that they are enjoying their house of 55 years, their safe place, allows me to sleep better at night. None of this would have been possible without AGAPE. Patti Clancy and her team of professional care givers stepped in when the only other option was long-term care. As my parent’s health began following its natural course, Patti and her team have been there to advise and provide council to help us navigate these unknown waters. AGAPE looks after their daily needs as well as assisting in our long-term planning “. John

Don’t struggle any more on your own, Call AGAPE. 705-742-8317
Available On-Call 24/7


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