Taking Cottage Country for Granted

close up of chipmunk eating nuts

It’s easy to do, you’ve lived here for years, you get so caught up in your busy day to day activities, and you miss the beauty that is all around you.

As a kid/teen I never understood why my cousins would get so excited to come for a visit, they were always thrilled when we took walks up to my grandparent’s farm to feed the animals, or took a walk to the woods to collect sap to make maple syrup. I would tag along because lets face it cousins are awesome – but I never saw what they saw – to me it was normal everyday stuff.

Looking back now I have come to realize that I was so lucky to have had those experiences. If I had grown up in a busy city I would never have gotten to witness a snapping turtle being pulled from our front pond after indulging on some of our gold fish, or our bay full of carp during spawning season – so thick you would think you could walk across it.  Not to mention the beautiful sunsets shimmering across the lake.

little boy with chipmunk in front of him

We had the opportunity to have so many different “pets” along the way as well, we had a blue heron that claimed our boardwalk as his very own, a few chipmunks that got so used to us leaving peanuts for them, they would take them from our hands.

I now have children of my own, and my parents are soon moving from my childhood home. This has me reminiscing about all the fantastic things I have gotten to enjoy and I hope that my boys get to experience all that living in cottage country has to offer.

By Tania Moher

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