Those Were The Days Be A Sport

I have no idea why I keep them, my wife calls them dust collectors and to a degree I have to agree. I am referring to the trophies I won during a younger period of my life, a couple dozen bowling trophies, a half dozen darts, the same number in hockey, three or four in golf and a couple sales awards all sitting prominently on the shelves of my home office. Yes, they do have sentimental value and a lot of good memories wrapped up in each and every one of them, but I am a realist and know when I am gone and no one wants the clutter of all my trophies well, I guess they will just end up in the junk yard.     

How can I forget the five years I played goal in an industrial league for the Autotote Maple Leafs winning the goal tending award four years out of the five, then, breaking three fingers on my right hand stopping a slap shot. I have a plastic finger to remind me of one of those trophies, but injuries heal and I could not wait to get back between the pipes. I beat the Canadian dart champion once although I think he was a bit tipsy at the time but hey, a trophy is a trophy. In ten pins I won high single 289, high triple 705 and high average 205 bowling in the classic leagues in Windsor, Ontario and although I was never a great or even good golfer, I had my moments. I bowled on a few leagues with my wife who one year won a large Labatt’s silver tray, she was so proud and I was so proud for her but, I won the same award and silver tray the following year, an award I wish I had not won, I think you know what I am saying.                                      

When I was a kid in grade school I was in track and hockey, it was during the war years and all the kids in the neighbourhood played field hockey, scrub baseball or any sport to get us outside and running. In high school I held a record in 100 yard low hurdles, played basketball and was a drummer in the school band.                                                             

So why am I writing all of this, to toot my own horn? Not in the least, most seniors will readily  relate with the sports we participated in and the memories we established back in “those days”, the days we were told to get outside and play, the days before texting and video games, the days before the increase in diabetes and obesity. When was the last time you saw a bunch of kids playing scrub baseball, kicking a soccer ball or flying a kite? When was the last time you saw young and not so young eyes engrossed in the palm of their hand? Your answer just proved my point.                                                                  

Submitted by Russ Sanders,

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