A Time for Renewal NOT Retirement

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For many of us the word retirement feels like a bad word signaling the end of your life. This is far too much drama for what should be the very best years to come.  This subject needs a change of outlook.

I’ve decided to look upon my future retirement as a time to renew, a time to review my life and spend time dallying with the dreams of my younger years.  And why not, I’ve gathered a ton of wit and wisdom along the way… all the better for chasing those wayward dreams.

​ ​What do you want the rest of your life to look like? Stop and think about it… I mean really think about It. What gives you pleasure? What are some of the dreams you never pursued that you could pursue when you retire? Where are the places that you always wanted to see but never had the chance?

What are those things you always wanted to try but never did?

Time flies by us and we seem to go through life moment by moment, each of us trying to keep up with all that life demand, leaving us spent and befuddled with rare moments to dream.

A wise man once said, “when God made time, he made plenty of it.” Time is the thing I look forward to in my retirement. Not time to be bored or feel sorry for myself….no not that kind of time.

This is a time to reflect, review and renew one’s life, to make choices for happiness and dreams for the pages of your life’s book, yet to be written.

Whatever your financial situation when you retire, dream and plan the future you want.  What will your legacy be? What will people remember most about you?

One day, when my son looks back at my life, through all the good and the bad, the one thing I hope he finds is inspiration. I hope my life, inspires him to dream.

By Donna Matthews, Editor

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