Tiny Houses: Who Buys Them and Why Are They So Attractive?

Three very small houses

The tiny house movement is one of the most fascinating cultural shifts in recent memory, and its implications go far beyond the world of real estate. After years of bigger is better and one-upmanship, home buyers are now going to the other extreme, downsizing everything from their kitchens to their living spaces.

Some people buy tiny houses for the equally small carbon footprint. Those ecologically-minded buyers love the fact that tiny houses cause less pollution, require fewer chemical cleaning supplies and are better for the environment in a myriad of other ways.

Others look to tiny houses for freedom from high mortgage payments. After years of renting and shopping in vain for an affordable starter home, they look at these small gems as a way to get started and a way to enjoy the benefits of home ownership.

Still, others view tiny houses as a way to commune with nature and enjoy the simpler things in life. These small but practical houses are at home anywhere, from the middle of the city to the deepest corner of the most remote wilderness. Even better, many tiny houses come complete with wheels, so buyers can drive to their mountain cabins, set up shop and watch the deer graze in the woods and the squirrels climb the surrounding trees.

The mobility of the tiny home is another big benefit for young people, and one of the reasons millennials have embraced the movement with special fervor. Instead of worrying about selling their homes in the midst of the real estate downturn, the owners of tiny homes can simply pack up their stuff and move to a new city where jobs are more plentiful. That means freedom from worrying about layoffs and recessions, the ability to move at a moment’s notice and the kind of mobility that once seemed impossible.

As more and more buyers embrace tiny homes, the movement is only expected to spread. Tiny homes have been springing up all over Canada and the United States, from the big cities of Ontario to the wilderness of the Yukon, vast stretches of Montana and the upper reaches of British Columbia. Buyers are clearly making new choices, and they are increasingly turning their backs on McMansions and downsizing their housing choices.

No matter what the reason, the tiny home movement is well underway, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. While these pint-sized houses are not the right choice for everyone, for adventurous buyers who value freedom from debt and ease of movement, they could be the perfect real estate solution.

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