Tips for Your High Energy Dog

dog running in meadow

Some dogs can’t get enough exercise on a tie-out or even in what kennels creatively call a “run.” A dog like this was born to run!

In your neighborhood
Daily walks help cement your relationship with your dog. Not only do they let you do something together and help burn energy, but they let her explore her neighborhood, smelling new smells and discovering the “neighborhood news.” They’re even better if you live in a hilly area or have rugged hiking trails close by.

Back in your yard, consider agility training. Weave poles and other agility exercises require focus and energy to complete.

Away from home
Dogs are more stimulated by variety in their environments, and they love to play with their friends almost as much as kids do. Make play dates for your dog, either taking her along when you visit friends with dogs, or arranging to meet them at the local dog park. And if you have a pond or dog pool available, take advantage of it! Swimming is a high-energy, low-impact exercise that will wear even the most energetic dog out.

Throughout the day
Make sure you offer your dog several chances to blow off steam throughout the day. She can’t just take a long run in the morning and then lie around the rest of the day watching football on TV. She bounces back faster than we do.

Let her run
The most important thing is that she has total freedom to run safely in her own yard.

A traditional fence is an option for some, but many neighborhoods and home owners’ associations place dramatic restrictions on physical fences, and the cost of installation and ongoing maintenance can really add up.

Furthermore, high-energy dogs can jump, climb, or tunnel under a traditional fence. An Invisible Fence® Brand containment system can give your dog the space to run off all that energy in her own safe, secure yard.

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