What is The Emotion Code and how can it benefit you?

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In the same way that the effects of the wind are felt rather than seen, trapped emotions are invisible, yet can exert a powerful influence upon you.

Whether through trauma or holding on to negative emotions for long periods of time, trapped emotions can cause you to make the wrong assumptions, overreact to innocent remarks, misinterpret behavior and short-circuit your relationships.  Even worse, trapped emotions can create depression, anxiety, and other unwanted feelings that you can’t seem to shake.  They can interfere with proper functioning of your body’s organs and tissues, wreaking havoc with your physical health, causing pain, fatigue, and illness.

The Emotion Code is about clearing away the baggage, so that you can be who you really are inside.  You are not your emotional baggage, but sometimes your trapped emotions can derail you, or cause pain, or keep you trapped in negative emotions like anger, grief, anxiety, and fear, keeping you from living the vibrant, healthy life you are meant to live.

A trained Energy Practitioner who has been certified in The Emotion Code can help you release these trapped, negative emotions.

Submitted by Lynn Anne Hill, Energy Practitioner (Reiki Master/Teacher, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner) and The Emotion Code Certified.
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