When Furniture is Art

hand made round wood table

A piece of solid hand-crafted wood furniture is a unique piece of art that will last for many years.  Such furnished art is a conversation piece and often a family heirloom, passed from generation to generation with special meaning.

Meet Anthony Andrews & Paula Blackburn of Q & G Unique Wood Designs. The two started the business with his gift as a wood artist and her eye for design savvy. Art has deep meaning Anthony states, and they perceive each piece of furniture they lovingly design and craft by hand, as exactly that. 

Anthony has many years’ experience in the woodworking industry and has specialized knowledge in working with exotic woods, while Paula’s passion is design creation.    

Through Paula’s interior design experience, she knows how difficult it can be to find the exact piece of furniture to fit a certain spot in a home or cottage. Anthony and Paula first met when Paula went to him to handcraft a special piece.  “He had a knack for knowing exactly what I wanted, which made my job so much easier.” Paula Says. hand made hutch

Q & G Unique Wood Designs takes its name from the pairs initials for their nick names for each other, Paula nicknamed Q and Anthony nicknamed G.

Anthony and Paula take pride in giving their clients a tailor-made service as a fundamental part of their business. Keeping clients informed every step of the way with photographs, ensures that the piece turns out exactly as desired.  If a client needs help with the design stage or knowing what style or finish will suit their existing décor, help is offered free of charge.  Q&G’s motto “Our happiness is customer satisfaction.”

Often sentimental furniture is tucked away still cherished in storage, but in need of repair to be appreciated once again.  Anthony & Paula offer a full repair and restoration service, where no repair is deemed too small. 

For design and creation, or restoration of cherished pieces, Anthony and Paula invite you to connect with Q&G Unique Wood Designs to explore the possibilities together.

email at: Q&GWood@Gmail.com


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