Who Is the Paddling Realtor?

An avid canoer ever since he was in high school, Andrew Marshall has been paddling the lakes and rivers north of Peterborough for over 25 years now. A Trent graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental & Resource Studies, Andrew left the area in 2001 only to return in 2010 after feeling a strong desire to come back to his roots and raise a family.

Andrew discovered he could combine his passion for paddling and exploring with his passion for helping people find the property that would help them, too, connect with this wonderful part of Ontario. And so “The Paddling Realtor” was born.

Andrew explains, “When I am paddling I feel connected to my true being; it’s just who I am. Paddling has always provided me with a great way to escape the hectic pace of life and being on the water, no matter where I have lived, has always been a form of therapy. I’ve been lucky to have paddled all over Ontario but my favourite has always been the landscape found north of Peterborough.”

Andrew enjoys spending time on the lakes with his children and says, “It has been great to see them start to fall in love with the clean, crisp lakes and whispering pine trees as we look  for frogs and catch rock bass while seated on the rocky shore.”andrew-marshall-shoot-9

Prior to getting into real estate Andrew spent the better part of fifteen years working in the field of land use planning and environmental policy. The common theme throughout his career was managing the interface between water and development. The majority of this time was spent specifically working on cottage and rural property development in the cottage countries in the Kawarthas, Kingston and the Thousand Islands, as well as the Niagara Escarpment, and the Lake Erie shoreline.

Waterfront development can be a challenging, if not maddening process for people to undertake, and if they don’t get good advice prior to purchasing a piece of property they might find out that they can’t quite realize their dreams.

Andrew shares, “Throughout my career, I prided myself on my ability to work with landowners to help them understand the rules and regulations affecting their proposed development. I can’t tell you how many times I heard someone say ‘Thanks, you’re the first person from the government to actually explain how things work.’ “

Andrew takes pride in helping people learn about the potential as well as the pitfalls of a property before they invest their hard-earned money. He really does offer advice, based on experience.

Andrew Marshall


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