Winter Vacationing in Cottage Country

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A cottage country winter has just as much to offer visiting vacationers as the warmer months. But how do you know you’re getting what you pay for when you book a rental cottage? As a vacationer, overzealous descriptions can seem too good to be true. As an owner, how does one know that their property will be treated with respect?

Disruptive conduct is a fast growing problem with the advent of large international marketing platforms.  Many companies may not visit the properties they offer, and often there is little or no personal contact; everything is done online.

WRD Cottage Rental Agency is a local business. They are a family owned and operated agency with offices in Haliburton Village. Since 1995 they have been offering properties for rent for all seasons in the Ontario Highlands.young kid in snow

WRD takes pride in the fact that as bookings are received, they are handled by vacation planners, who know each owner and their property. Questions regarding vacation needs can be answered at this time.

Every prospective vacationer is informed about their responsibilities in their booking application, which protects all parties involved. This type of thorough vetting eliminates potential headaches for cottage owners and renters alike.  There is information regarding the cottage, the property regulations at each cottage which includes a 24 hour emergency number to assist vacationers and/or owners with inquiries or difficulties.

Before offering their property for rent, WRD advises property owners to discuss the matter with their neighbours. Privacy and vacation time of the people around them is as important as their own.

Rich in breathtaking scenery and wildlife, cottage country is also host to a strong and vibrant community. The WRD family strongly believes that as residents, there is a responsibility to protect this atmosphere for present and future families to enjoy. With this in mind, they remain steadfast in ensuring the protection of rental owners, their properties, and even their neighbours, while continuing to safeguard the families who visit.

WRD Cottage Rental Agency    705-457-9434

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