Beautiful Stoney Lake

Stoney Lake, also known as Stony Lake is the most eastern of the Kawartha Lakes.  It is on the Trent Severn Waterway.  Stoney Lake is quite beautiful and has often been called the “Crown Jewel of the Kawarthas”. It consists of Upper Stoney Lake, Stony Lake and Clear Lake.  Stoney Lake is 20 miles long running east from Young’s Point and consists of 11 square miles of surface area.  The north shore is most scenic with mostly granite rock while the south shore is mostly clay and sand.  There are over 1100 islands in the lake with many cottages on islands and around the shore.  One of the Islands, Fairy Island, actually has a lake on it. Fairy Lake is a lake within a lake.

Stoney Lake was considered special and was the home to many aboriginal people who lived off the lake and its rich resources for hundreds of years.  Artifacts have been dated back to the 1400s.  The Stoney Lake area was of interest to loggers who arrived in the early 1800s followed by settlers and miners.  Pioneer writer Susanna Moodie came to the area and visited the lake first in 1835.  Rowing and Sailing regattas and other events were held at Stoney Lake from the late 1800s and mostly cottagers have enjoyed the lake since then.  Now Stoney Lake is a prime cottagers’ lake, with active cottagers’ associations.  Several century old cottages remain passed on from generation to generation, but there has been much infilling with many large homes and huge boathouses on the lake.  The east side of the lake was mostly developed for cottages after the mid 1950s when paved roads were built.  In recent years the trend has been to all season cottages and there are now many year round residents all over the lake.
Many amazing things have happened over the years at Stoney Lake which has its myths and legends too.  We will describe some in greater detail in future issues as we continue to look at the amazing Kawartha Lakes.  Some of the Stoney Lake stories include:

•    The Quarry Island Hermit
•    The Fire of 1837
•    Piano Overboard
•    Attempt to Blow up Gull Rock
•    1940 Plane crash into the lake
•    Meteors dropping in the lake

Submitted by Murray H. Miskin

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