Benefits of Choosing a Real Estate Team

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While in decades past, buying and selling real estate was often a one-person operation; todays market requires a sharp team of professionals that have extensive experience in multiple disciplines when navigating through what has become a very complex industry.

So why not deploy a team versus a single representative when trying to maximize all your potential opportunities, and here are a few reasons to consider.

Availability – when it comes to real estate you need to have perfect timing. A singular representative can have limited availability due to other obligations. A team will always have someone on call when the moment is right to strike. If your property suddenly receives a showing request from an out of town buyer, and your representative is not available, you may lose out on a critical showing, and even worse a potential offer.

Valuation Process – The first 30 days can be critical on a new listing, and getting it priced accurately means everything to the successful outcome of a real estate transaction. Having a team on your side allows you to have a second opinion to fully review the valuation and ensure that your home is priced properly from the start.

Buyer Pools – Each Sales Representative working on your needs will have a certain number of current Buyers currently hunting in the market. Furthermore, different types of Realtors® can attract different types of Buyers based on a multitude of factors. Why not gain access to as many potential qualified buyers as possible?

More Resources – When you hire a team, you get more resources at your disposal and even better, at no additional cost. Everyone has various degrees of experience and expertise. So, it only makes sense to pool them all together and form a complete real estate solution.

When you have a team working on your behalf – you increase your chances of seeing success no matter what real estate endeavour your undertaking.

By Kent Leckie & Desiree Clark
RE/MAX All Stars Realty Inc. Brokerage – The Clark Kent Team


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