The Best Time to List a Seasonal or Year Round Waterfront Property

If you are selling a waterfront property that is year round or seasonal, there will always be buyers searching throughout the year.  In the summer months, there are more buyers looking and there are more properties being listed.  This means more competition and consequently more risk of losing the property of your dreams by hours or days, if you are buying. In the warmer seasons there is a larger target audience being exposed to your property listing, which is why most people feel it is the best time to list. Listing and selling a seasonal or year round waterfront property in the colder months, while challenging in some ways, there are benefits for both the seller and the buyer.

The challenge with listing a seasonal property in the winter months is that many are ‘winterized’ or shut down for the winter as the owners spend the winters in warmer climates or winter activities keep them closer to their year round homes in the city or elsewhere. This presents an issue with having water tested for potability (suitable for drinking) or bacteriological analysis, having the septic pumped out or generally inspecting the property and waterfront and shoreline because of snow coverage.

Despite these challenges, there are still a good many properties listed and sold in the winter months, to buyers waiting for a specific location or property type.

Many people have the mindset that they want to have their new waterfront property for the very beginning of the season and they want to be prepared. For those listing in the warmer months, it can mean that by the time the sale closes, the buyer gets very little peak season time to actually enjoy the property. As you can see – there are challenges on both sides.

The most important thing to consider is to have your property ready to go if the buyer wants a winter possession.

Sellers should know that local real estate brokerages and their sales representatives have a database of clients looking for specifics in a property and there may be a buyer that is looking for your very property.

Despite the season, real estate agents will market and advertise your property, and share the listing with other local agents as well- who all have a similar database of interested buyers. It may be that the slower season will work in your favour, as agents have more time to dedicate to this kind of sale.

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