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old farm plow



Whether an old farm implement or a one-horse sleigh, perhaps a lyric from a song, or even a familiar smell, our senses of sight, hearing and smell can bring back memories of places and events. A one-horse sleigh (or cutter) now resting on the Inukshuk farm lawn is just a relic, now weathered, but spilling

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grey funny cat posing on the pink background

Cats & Catnip A Match Made in Heaven

As most cat owners know: cats are crazy for catnip. Give kitties some catnip and most of them will be rolling about in a state of ecstasy within seconds. Why do they do that? Here are a few interesting facts about catnip and its effects on your feline friend. • Catnip’s effect on cats was

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cottage on water with fall colours

Closing the Cottage with Dave

I hope that everyone has taken the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful summer that we have had. From what I’ve heard, the fall is also going to be nice, and long. Fall is so beautiful here in cottage country but it is also a reminder that I need to get the cottage ready for the

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Women expo founders holding sign

New Peterborough Business Expo Promoting Women in Business

Women’s Expo Peterborough is set to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of women in the Peterborough area, to highlight their accomplishments and to provide a network for growth and support. The brainchild of Shari Pearce, Audrey McDonald and Linda Gratton, this unique trade show will showcase local small- and medium-businesswomen. “We felt there was something missing

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women on surfboard with son

Fun on the Water

The New Watersports: Variety is the Spice of Life Summer has drawn to a close but there are still lots of weekends left to get out on the lake. Now is the time to get your maximum smiles per gallon out of the season. As a coach for multiple disciplines I am often asked what my

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2 well drilling trucks

Over 80 Years in the Well Drilling Business

Rural living brings with it the opportunity to have your own personal supply of fresh water, and nothing beats the taste of clean, natural groundwater. Generally, groundwater is uncontaminated since the overlying soil acts as a filter. However, for various reasons, well water can become contaminated, so it is important to be aware of all

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Bobcaygeon in Bloom award ceremony

Bobcaygeon Communities in Bloom project reaps rewards

Bobcaygeon has earned a prestigious 4 Blooms with a Special Mention for Community Involvement, as well as two awards for Ontario’s top scores in Floral Displays and Environmental Action. Martin Quinn, Community in Blooms National Director, announced the results of the 2018 Bobcaygeon entry at a ceremony at Kawartha Coffee on Saturday, October 6th. Bobcaygeon’s

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Lifestyle Launches BathWraps for Homeowners

Replacing Tubs and Showers in One Day  Since starting their company 29 years ago, Bill and Keith Carroll have visited thousands of homes. Today, the two brothers continue to address the requests of customers to help with other home improvement needs. “Based on what our customers are telling us, we are proud to launch BathWraps®,”

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