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cottage on water with fall colours

Closing the Cottage with Dave

Closing the Cottage with Dave

I hope that everyone has taken the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful summer that we have had. From what I’ve heard, the fall is also going to be nice, and long. Fall is so beautiful here in cottage country but it is also a reminder that I need to get the cottage ready for the

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slippers by fire

Stretch Three Seasons to Four with British Empire Fuels

This time of year many people begin the slow process of packing up the cottage to ready it for winter. The days and nights are getting cooler as fall shifts to winter. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could enjoy the cottage longer, and make it more comfortable throughout the year? British Empire Fuels doesn’t

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A green canoe tied to a wooden dock with a pair of empty Adirondack chairs - Haliburton Highlands, Ontario, Canada

As Summer Ends in Cottage Country

We are on the deck. It is a hot and humid last weekend of Summer, but the heat is less intense than usual.  The air is still but the bugs are gone.  The hummingbird feeder sits lonely above the deck as chickadees and finches binge on sunflower seeds.  An occasional yellow leaf falls, startling us

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Cottage Lift on high hill

Lifting You Up When the Climb Has You Down

With fascinating landscapes abound in cottage country, structures are built where nature allows. Many properties remain water access, meaning if your cottage is also built on a hill or rock face you are carrying everything up that hill, every visit. Hillside homes and cottages offer great benefits – stunning sunsets, a breeze that keeps bugs

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boat lift with red cover

Why A Boat Lift?

With changes in boat traffic, weather conditions and the value of boats today, protecting your investment is important. A boat lift is a great way to do this, but how do you choose what’s best for you? R & J Machine offers a variety of lifts and also knowledgeable staff to help you choose one

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feet dangling off dock

Renting a Cottage Made Easy

If you have ever thought about renting a cottage but didn’t know where to begin, a visit to WRD Cottage Rental Agency ( can easily remove any fears or doubts you may have. This family-oriented cottage rental agency based in Haliburton Village takes all the stress out of cottage rental by providing you with professional

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RV at camp read eagle

Why A Park Model RV Makes Vacation A Breeze

Owning a waterfront cottage may seem financially unattainable but have you considered a Park Model RV in an RV Park? Many RV Parks are located on water and can make your dreams of waterfront, recreational living a reality.  RV Parks have come a long way from the “Tornado Target Trailer Park” stigma and should not

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row of Bobcaygeon Paddles

Bobcaygeon: Always bloomin’ beautiful, and now unique too

When an Impact 32 team came up with the name Vibrant Village, they also came up with a plan to back it up. Bobcaygeon volunteers are making the village fun and attractive this summer, and people are showing a lot of interest in some unique new ideas. It’s all about the paddles this year, just

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