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2 well drilling trucks

Over 80 Years in the Well Drilling Business

Over 80 Years in the Well Drilling Business

Rural living brings with it the opportunity to have your own personal supply of fresh water, and nothing beats the taste of clean, natural groundwater. Generally, groundwater is uncontaminated since the overlying soil acts as a filter. However, for various reasons, well water can become contaminated, so it is important to be aware of all

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Lifestyle Launches BathWraps for Homeowners

Replacing Tubs and Showers in One Day  Since starting their company 29 years ago, Bill and Keith Carroll have visited thousands of homes. Today, the two brothers continue to address the requests of customers to help with other home improvement needs. “Based on what our customers are telling us, we are proud to launch BathWraps®,”

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colin and justin Visiting the home of Toronto based architect Vanessa Fong.

Great Escapes

As hosts of Cottage Life Television’s brand new docu-series “Great Canadian Cottages”, Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan throw open the doors to a veritable wonderland of vacation magic. Navigating this country’s rich landscape, we’ve seen cottages in all shapes and sizes.  From gravity defying architectural gems, to petite rustic abodes fashioned from straw (yup, straw)

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land surveyor at sunset

Do You Know Your Property Boundaries?

Life is good – really good.  I have spent most of my career working in and around Ontario’s glorious cottage country.  I am an Ontario Land Surveyor. Your cottage property is your sanctuary – your paradise.  It is the place where memories are built and ties with family and friends are solidified.  But from a

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renovated living room

Lakeshore Designs Taking you from Home to Dream Home

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your project, or renovation? Stuck with an idea in your head but no idea how to implement it? Let Lakeshore Designs help you be the star of your own Home Reno Show! We’ll take your project and help you make it your dream home. Starting with a clear description

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beautiful deck with rocking chairs

Contractors Corner: Deck Talk with Dave

Summer seems like it has finally arrived and if you are like me, you love to spend a lot of time on your deck, enjoying the weather and some quality time with friends and family. To truly enjoy your deck, you need to make sure that it is safe while still looking good. A thorough

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home inspection report

Know Your Home

Peterborough Certified Home Inspections Spring is the perfect time to think about your home and cottage. Ongoing visual inspections can help identify issues as they arise. The prevention and repairs of problems as they start, allows the homeowner to maximize the life expectancy of the systems that make it your home. You don’t need any

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Wendy Snelgrove out on patio with dog

Cabin Couture With Interior Designers Wendy Snelgrove & Hilary Ramsay

Wendy Snelgrove is a Designer based out of Haliburton, ON.  She has navigated the field of Interior Design for clients since 1999 when she moved to the area with her husband and four children.  Her solid relationships with trades, suppliers and manufacturers are the success of her ability to manoeuvre the hurdles of new builds,

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