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old farm plow



Whether an old farm implement or a one-horse sleigh, perhaps a lyric from a song, or even a familiar smell, our senses of sight, hearing and smell can bring back memories of places and events. A one-horse sleigh (or cutter) now resting on the Inukshuk farm lawn is just a relic, now weathered, but spilling

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Women expo founders holding sign

New Peterborough Business Expo Promoting Women in Business

Women’s Expo Peterborough is set to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of women in the Peterborough area, to highlight their accomplishments and to provide a network for growth and support. The brainchild of Shari Pearce, Audrey McDonald and Linda Gratton, this unique trade show will showcase local small- and medium-businesswomen. “We felt there was something missing

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photo album old

Those Were The Days “Stranger Than Fiction”

After dinner when we settle back with our guests enjoying a hot coffee or glass of wine and allowing our roast beef and mashed potatoes to find a comfortable spot in our bellies, one of the highlights of the evening is the relaxed banter; conversations which vary from one topic to another. Last evening we

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Lijssenthoek Cemetery

The One Hundredth Year

It is July 14, 2013, I’m an ocean away from home, surrounded by people I’ve only met a few days ago – and I am in tears. The cemetery in which we are standing is lovely, so calm and peaceful, spiritually tranquil. A soft breeze causes the small paper Canadian flag to flutter in my

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Steve Chard in kayake

The Great Loop with Steve Chard

Pete and Cindy Fuderer are accustomed to meeting interesting people at Buckhorn Yacht Harbour, but most of them arrive in engine-propelled vessels. Steve Chard does things differently – and the Fuderers discovered that when Steve arrived there by kayak at the beginning of September. You see, Steve is on a mission to complete what is

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words that say in the news

In the News

Paradise Vacation Properties recently launched an exclusive gourmet dining and fishing experience. You get one week of luxury accommodation, guided fishing with Mike Williams, and gourmet dining with Chef Renato Zegarra. You can choose the week of September 29 or October 20. Paradise Vacation Properties is owned by Chris Morrissey and is located on Buckhorn Lake.

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Selwyn Group standing on path

Making Selwyn More Accessible!

Members of the Ennismore Curling Club gathered together with Township of Selwyn Trails and Parks & Recreation Committee members to celebrate the completion of upgrades at the Ennismore Waterfront Park. Located at 1053 Ennis Rd in Ennismore and considered one of Selwyn’s hidden gems, the park received approximately one kilometer of accessible pathways leading from

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Beautiful Path Lane Walkway Way In Summer Forest Park. Healthy Walking In Park Between Woods, Trees And Green Bushes.

Those Were The Days “All the Yesterdays Are Gone “

Way back in 535 BC a Greek philosopher named Heraclitus made a profound statement, “you can never walk the same path twice”. I believe every one of us who have re-visited old homesteads, neighbourhoods or stomping grounds will attest his words to be not only sage insight but living truth. The Ambassador Bridge linking Windsor

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