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2018, a new year to reflect on old memories and the beginning to amass new ones. My wife and I are celebrating our sixty fouth anniversary in a few weeks, some times it seems like a long ago step into another phase of our lives but remarkably, some memories appear to be just mere fleetings of time. Our courting over six decades ago was quite a strange series of events.     

Maurice was one of my best friends, he lived the next block over from our house and we played together since we were in grade school. In our late teens he was dating a girl named Kay and I was dating Kay’s best friend Helen. Best friends, our relationships seemed like a storybook romance until one night when Kay and I went for a walk. Maybe Cupid got his bow and arrows crossed because Kay and I found we were closer and far more matched than we realized. Of course I said or did nothing because Kay was dating my best friend but ironically and as fate would have it, Maurice came to me and said he thought he was in love with Helen, the girl I was dating. No, this is not a script for a daytime soap opera although in retrospect, it certainly sounds like one. As time went by, he began dating Helen and I started seeing Kay on a regular basis. In 1954 Kay and I were married, in 1956 Maurice and Helen were married. Are you confused yet? Well unfortunately, it did not turn out to be a happily ever after fairytale ending. Maurice became an abusive husband and an alcoholic which eventually culminated in his death at an early age. Kay has always maintained she got the better of the “swap”, after sixty-four years I hope.

We were married in Windsor, Ontario the southern most point in all of Canada where the weather can be completely unpredictable. The sun shone brightly, it was a beautiful afternoon when suits and ties, dresses and spring-like hats were the order of the day. We had planned to visit my mother and dad the  day after the wedding but wouldn’t you know it, the very next day Windsor had one of their most severe snow storms, typical for the sunny south of Canada.

Partially thinning gray hair has replaced my once thick brown strands, I have a bit more around the belly and wrinkles denoting the laughter and sorrows I have gathered along the way. And Kay? She is just as healthy and beautiful as she was the day she walked down the aisle. I have been asked what is the secret of our marital longevity and my answer is usually, “ I guess she will keep me around until I get it right”. Happy New Year to all. I appreciate your e mails, if you have a story please share it with me.

Russ Sanders

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