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8 ways to unleash your summer and ensure your dog is safe and sound while he’s getting his summer vacation’s worth.

No dog drags himself out of bed on a summer morning and gives himself a “seize the day” pep talk. One scent of newly-mown grass and that dog is going to do exactly what nature tells him to.

Hydration stations. Peak sunlight hours are 10 am – 4 pm. Avoid late afternoon swoon by setting up drinking stations around the yard.

Fetch with care. Remember that canines are wired for social cues, and sometimes that means they’ll follow your lead even beyond what’s good for them. Be mindful of heavy-panting during Fetch.

Cold feet. All it takes is a summer storm power outage or a heatwave, and the A.C.’s D.I.Y. for the day. Shady trees, kiddie pools, and cooling pads can make great, inexpensive provisions for over-hot pets. Whatever you choose, the key is to find a cool surface—those paws hold the only sweat glands she’s got! dog with hose

Free belly rubs. Veterinarians tend to see a spike in canine skin and ear infections during the summer. Fur is a natural canopy, of course, but be sure to protect the sensitive spots (bellies, ears, around the eyes) with some pet grade sunblock every 3 to 4 hours.

Surfer fur. It may seem counter-intuitive, but let his hair grow out this summer. A long coat brushed dry after a bath will work wonders for your pet’s skin on a hot day—not to mention his reputation on the beach.

BBQ for you-know-who. Bacon Swiss burger biscuits? Beef bourguignon dog treats? With canine-safe cookout fare like this, no one will even notice when you inevitably mix up the meats on the grill.

Treat hunt. Hide and seek can be a great game for a smaller cookout – giving naturally social dogs a perfect chance for some guided mingling. And since you went to all that trouble to make those delectable peanut butter dog treats, you might as well make the little rascal work for them!

Family feud. And don’t be afraid to get wet! Whether it’s a simple surprise attack with the hose or a well-orchestrated water balloon fight, there’s something about an all-out, family-wide water war that tells your pup—it’s gonna be a good day!

Submitted by Kathleen Rutledge, Invisible Fence of South East Ontario

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