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chipmunk in flowers

Snowdrops are blooming and chipmunks are once again plundering the bird feeders. Spring has arrived!  The eastern chipmunks hibernate over winter in burrows which can be more than 11 feet in length with several entrances.  Our Mr. Chipmunk has managed to squeeze his suave frame through the top opening of our bird feeder where he sits within – protected glory stuffing his cheeks to the extreme.  He can barely escape with his mouthful of goodies. dog in flowers

Amigo, our canine Cuban rescue has been our spring training in anticipation of chasing the returning seagulls.  We took a tick off Amigo in March and sent to the lab where it was tested for ten different pathogens.  Thankfully it was negative.  It is advised to test your dog with a 4DX blood test to assure your pet is free of Anaplasmosis, Lyme, Heartworm and Ehrlichia from last summer.  Unfortunately Lyme disease is increasing in the human and canine populations.  There are a number of excellent medications to kill ticks quickly before they can regurgitate the Lyme disease into your pet.  One product, a single flavoured tablet can protect your amigo for three months.

Amigo has retrieved his leash from the front hall and we’re off to find seagulls.  Enjoy a safe and healthy spring!

Dr. Terry Davidson, Parkhill Animal Hospital, 705 745 4605

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