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With spring flowers comes pollen and allergies. Chilli Pepper our Kingston canine rescue suffers from atopic dermatitis. A chronic itchy skin disease associated with environmental allergies.

If your pet suffers from itchy skin and ear infections it may be the result of atopy or food allergies. A blood test can determine if your pet is allergic to weeds, grasses, trees and fungi. If the results show an elevated level of IgE 150 or higher it is considered significant.

There is a new exciting medication in the form of a daily tablet that targets the production of cytokines a protein molecule that acts as a chemical messenger allowing cells to communicate with each other. This new drug has a very high success rate in treating flea allergy dermatitis, atopy, food allergy and contact allergy. Chilli Pepper has finally found relief without the side effects of cortisone. With seasonal allergies on their way this drug is a game changer.

A tick removed from Amigo Habanero our Cuban canine was tested for 12 different pathogens. Spring blood testing is advised to determine if your pet is free from Lyme, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichiosis and Heartworm which are often asymptomatic. Our three canines Amigo, Spinnaker and Chilli have already commenced their oral meds for the spring onslaught of ticks and fleas.


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