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Hopefully everyone had a great holiday.  Life in our home was uneventful other than Chili Pepper our terrier mutt helped herself to Santa’s cookies!

One lucky family member has been elected to oversee our clan of eight best friends, as Christi and I are off to Cuba this month.  Parkhill Animal Hospital has been proud to help our four-legged friends in Cozumel for twenty years.  Two years ago our efforts turned to Cuba.  Everything is difficult to come by in Cuba for the locals and even more so for dogs and cats at the bottom of the totem pole.  It is our wish that with the United States removing their embargo, life will be better for everyone.

Our last visit to the Varadero Beach area resulted in two pups being flown to Toronto to live the lives of the rich and famous.  APAC (All for Progress in Animal Care -Varadero) is a registered non-profit Canadian organization.  Ingrid is our contact in Varadero, and she was so delighted when we arrived with veterinary supplies and Canadian smoked salmon for her.  Ingrid is a tireless volunteer – raising funds, educating locals and tourists, and caring for the most unfortunate of the island animals.

Back here at the North Pole we have cheated winter so far, but food is still in short supply for our feathered friends.  Santa brought us three bags of sunflower seeds – a good initial winter supply for our cardinal and chickadee friends.  Speaking of friends, check out the local shelters for a new friend to adopt.

A cartoon once featured one older lady speaking to her guest.  “It’s going to be a cold night so I’ve put an extra dog on the bed!”.  It wasn’t long ago when I stayed over on a wintery night on call with my own five canine bed buddies, all snuggled up together.

Enjoy a winter walk.

Dr. Terry, Parkhill Animal Hospital
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