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As the Christmas carol goes “Baby it’s cold outside.”  This has been the coldest February on record since 1978.  “Amigo”, our newest canine rescue from Cuba is of the greyhound persuasion.  He’s been seen around town sporting a flashy red winter vest.  Considering his lack of natural insulation Amigo has taken a liking to snow.  He was recently neutered and had to wear the cone of shame.  He gave a new meaning to the words “snow cone” when he returned from his outdoor exploits with his cone overflowing with that white stuff called snow.  Amigo’s eight housemates have mostly taken a liking to him with Mole being the exception.

When Christi and I were in Cuba last month providing aid, we managed a trip to Havana where we splurged on lobster tails for lunch.  The portions were enormous so we departed with gourmet leftovers that we planned to enjoy for supper.  When we exited the restaurant we were greeted by a Raggedy Ann
cat with a pronounced limp.  We flipped open the Styrofoam container and started serving the lobster to our ragged little friend.  Well, the word was out!  From a nearby hedge came a tribe of seven scrawny felines, all requesting lobster.  Our supper was going, going… gone!  C’est la vie.

Back here in the great white north one needs to make sure our four legged friends are all kept safe and warm.  Keeping the bird feeders well stocked with black oiled sunflower seeds are also on our priority list.

85% of all cats and dogs by age four have gingivitis and or periodontal disease.  Please give Parkhill Animal Hospital a call for further information on our winter dental specials.  Here’s counting the days until spring!

Dr. Terry and his nine amigos! 

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