Easy Ways to Enhance a Rustic Theme

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Creating an uncomplicated, attractive atmosphere for your home is as easy as using natural materials and a simple design that recalls past eras yet suits the needs of today’s lifestyle. A rustic theme can satisfy both requirements, without the need for a sizeable decorating budget.

Rural components are available in a variety of venues, but if you have a talent with tools or crafts, you can create some elements yourself. Here are a few of the components that make up a rustic atmosphere that provides a warm and relaxing background for family life and entertaining close friends.

Wood Adds Warmth
Wood provides the warm atmosphere that forms the basis of your rustic décor. You can indulge your love of beautiful woody tones, with rough-hewn flooring, trestle tables and side tables that invite family and friends to sit awhile for a chat. You can even use vertical or horizontal wooden beams to increase your use of wood in rooms. You can find some decorative wood items, such as lamps, bowls, vases, and artwork, that will help to continue the theme of homespun comfort and accessibility.

Stone and Brick for a Natural Ambiance
The use of stone for fireplaces, walls, and other focal points enhances the idea of natural materials used in building and makes a lasting, easy-to-maintain surface. Brick can also be used for these items, as well as for bookshelves, entryways, planters, and backsplashes.

Metal Creates a Crafted Look
Decorative items made of metal help to reinforce the theme of simplicity and independence that was a part of the early periods of home life in America. Metal candle sconces, candlesticks, photo frames, drawer handles, and hinges increase the feel of craftsmanship. At flea markets and second-hand shops, you can find tools and implements that can be used as wall art to enhance the rustic look of rooms.

Textiles That Recall Earlier Times
You can then add some traditional textiles to enhance the theme of rustic living. Denim, burlap, canvas in solid colors or with small floral and country-themed patterns will add dimension and color to your room. Use these simple patterns for curtains, pillows and throws to make your living space look more comfortable and inviting.

You can find many rustic-themed paintings, sculptures, and wall hangings at stores and shops in most areas of the country. However, you can also use your creativity to make many items of your own. Keep an eye out for materials that you can adapt to meet the requirements of your décor. You will be surprised at how easy and affordable it is to create a whole new look for your home.

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