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The New Watersports: Variety is the Spice of Life

Summer has drawn to a close but there are still lots of weekends left to get out on the lake. Now is the time to get your maximum smiles per gallon out of the season.

As a coach for multiple disciplines I am often asked what my favourite thing to do behind the boat. This is the hardest question for me to answer; my favourite thing is having the maximum amount of fun based on the materials at hand.

On any given weekend I can be seen grabbing a slalom ski, wakeboard, wake surf, and wake skate. However, variety is the spice of life, and I encourage everyone to try something new every year. This season we have been experimenting with Surfing Ocean surf boards. But no sense in stopping there – try a toboggan, round piece of plywood, paddles – there is no limit to what you can slide on the water.

When sliding on alternate water devices, use common sense and always wear appropriate safety equipment, especially a certified vest. Never attach yourself to something that doesn’t float, and never attach yourself to something that is also attached to the boat.

Getting up on some of these types of objects is half of the fun. Sometimes sliding on your stomach or knees and then slowly standing is the way; sometimes exactly the same method as getting up on skis, knees bent, arms straight, and head up. With the classic waterskiing on a paddle the trick is to get up on a ski with the paddle in hand, then set it in the water under a foot and kick away your ski and see how long you can ride. The most important part of sliding on stuff that’s not meant for behind the boat: smile big and get some photos, it will be sure to garner tons of likes on your Instagram feed.

By Jay Poole, Buckeye Marine

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