Hibernation of the Soul

women with sunset looking at lake

It’s so easy to get enveloped by the stresses of life… so many  responsibilities…so many places to go, things to do… bills to pay.

Hope in our dreams can begin to dwindle away as we struggle getting from one day to the next… with all that is weighing us down.

Time passes by so quickly,  and we wonder how we missed so much of  life along the way.

Sitting outside… the fresh air cascading accross your skin… you breathe deeply and sigh. Closing your eyes as the sun creates streams of light behind your eyelids that soothe you…the feeling is so healing.

Grateful for the moment as it washes over you… you can’t recall the last time you felt this relaxed. Such a simple thing after all, isn’t it?

As your soul and body yearn for more, you begin noticing the reactions in your body.

Your focus goes to relaxing your stomach… a  place where many of us wear our stresses.

Why don’t I do this more often?, you wonder…thinking something that feels this good, surely there is time somewhere for more moments like these? Words Body and Soul written on stones. Close up.

Now keenly aware of nature and life around you…a feeling of heaviness comes over you as you realize how many years have passed… just how long life has had your soul, in what seems a state of hibernation… only to emerge on special occasions… holidays and vacations. You determine to yourself that you want to plan more of these kinds of moments.

Creating positive habits is all about repetition. If you plan purposefully to

“make time for you in your life…
that’s when the magic really happens.”

Peace and happiness are extremely contagious and an impossible secret to keep. In no time, those around you begin to notice …and they too want this new thing that you have found.

I think one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is to teach them how to be contemplative and how to be alone and to nourish their own spirit. There will be good days and there will be bad days and many of each in life… cherish the good, learn from the bad and always keep moving forward.

No matter how hard life is, or how busy life gets… making time to savor moments all around you, gives you the energy and the joy to face the future with new strength.

Spend time getting connected with yourself, with nature and with those you love.

You can’t share or give to others, what you don’t first already have, inside of yourself to give.

Donna Matthews

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