Hobart’s Steakhouse

The Original Hobart’s Steakhouse in Lindsay opened in April of 2000 when the founders Ken Found and Frank Peters built the premises around an original antique bar from the 1890s. The restaurant is named for Hobart Peters, Ph.D., whose passion for the best beef cattle production inspired the owners to strive for excellence in their business. For 16 years, Hobart’s Steakhouse has been providing guests with exceptional quality and service and is committed to providing only the best quality steak for its patrons. “We want our guests to enjoy Hobart’s authentic hospitality and wonderful selection of dishes,” said Frank Peters, Operations Manager.

In late 2012, Hobart’s opened up a second location in the downtown cafe district of Peterborough. Situated in a 150 plus-year-old landmark building, the same unique atmosphere found at the Lindsay location has been recreated at the Hunter Street West premises. Extensive renovations were carried out to the building, a superb team of staff hired and today Hobart’s in Peterborough sets the standard for steakhouse restaurants in the Kawarthas and surrounding areas.

The sumptuous menu features a wide variety of premium hand-cut Certified Angus Beef brand steaks. Certified Angus Beef brand steaks are a cut above other Prime or AAA beef and are 97% sourced from family-owned farms across Canada and the U.S. Customer favourites include the great value centre cut top sirloin, 100% trimmed New York strip, rib-eye steak, filet mignon, and Hobart’s special “Chateaubriand for Two”.

This broad menu features top grade products made with care – as the customer orders. In addition to the traditional steaks, there are many delicious alternatives available to suit all tastes, from stuffed grilled chicken, to Atlantic salmon, to delicious pasta dishes and salads, all made to order with the same care taken with the steaks. A wide selection of premium wines is available to complement every choice of meal on the menu. “Hobart’s atmosphere and tastes makes for a memorable dining experience,” Peters added.

Hobart’s Steakhouse prides itself on a casual upscale environment that is meticulously maintained and service that demonstrates a belief in traditional hospitality and genuine customer care. Offering much more than just an exceptional meal, the warm and inviting atmosphere provides an intimate setting in which customers can fully relax and enjoy the first class service. Both restaurants offer a comfortable and entertaining environment with a lively selection of blues, jazz and soul music playing in the background.

Frequently referred to as “The Steak Experts”, when you dine at Hobart’s you will discover the complete dining experience – one which is both unique and satisfying from start to finish.

Hobart’s Steakhouse, 189 Kent Street in Lindsay and 139 Hunter Street West in Peterborough


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