Living a Grateful Life

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We’ve all heard that a glass of ‘this’ or tablespoon of ‘that’ will slow aging, adding years to our lives. Often this ‘advice’ is a little farfetched, and it is left to our own common sense to sift through. We all ponder how to squeeze every last minute out of this beautiful thing called life; and if you think realistically there are a few things we can do to live our best life; take good care of yourself.

Get the proper amount of sleep, your body and mind need this time to rejuvenate, and heal 7-8 hours a night is ideal.

We hear it everywhere, but – drinking the correct amount of water can have a major impact on our bodies. As a general rule, drink half your body weight in ounces. Your body needs water to function properly and drinking lots helps decrease inflammation.

Choose healthy foods – skip pre-made meals opting for chemical-free food. Whole foods are non-inflammatory, and make you feel better. A great tool when figuring out what foods your body tolerates best, is to get your food intolerances checked by a naturopath. Eat foods that promote the growth of good bacteria, like fermented veggies, miso, kefir and worshipping-god-2101347_1920raw garlic. Increase your intake of healthy fats, adding in nut butters, coconut/hemp oil, and avocado. Ditch “unhealthy fats” like fried foods, donuts, microwave popcorn and fast foods that are full of Trans Fats.

Eliminate or decrease sugar and artificial sweeteners.  Instead use natural sweeteners, Stevia Extract and Monk Fruit Extract have 0 calories and don’t increase your glucose levels.

Exercise, 3-5 times per week. Find a form of meditation that calms you, while helping cope with stress (a major contributor to aging) – like yoga or tai chi.

Most of all, embrace a positive attitude; find joy in being grateful for each day. Spend quality time with loved ones, dance, sing, laugh, play and live in the moment. Each day list five things that you are grateful for. If you maintain a positive attitude, you will be amazed at how invigorated and young you feel!

Dr. Brenna Steels B.Sc., N.D
339 Reid Street, Peterborough 705-742-0213

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