How Negative Emotions Affect Your Health

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Negative emotions can seem so difficult to shake in our modern world. They can come from many places and be different for each person. In my practice as a Certified Emotion Code practitioner, the most common negative emotions that I treat are anger, fear, guilt, grief, anxiety and low self-esteem.

In the short term, negative emotions may ruin your day but otherwise have little to no effect on your quality of life. But, if they linger for weeks, months, or even years, they can have devastating and irreparable effects to your physical health by causing the production of “stress” hormones cortisol and adrenaline resulting in pain and inflammation which has been scientifically proven to be the clinical root of pain and many diseases.

In his book “The Sacred Life,” author David Suzuki explains that negative emotions are a literal, measurable toxin that can be detected in exhalation. A highly potent toxin that you may be holding inside yourself day after day.

An example of trapped negative energy/emotion at a physical level is a client I had with chronic pain in his left knee. He had not injured his knee and had no explanation as to why it was sore.  He had been to doctors, massage therapists and others with no improvement.  After a few treatments to release some identified negative emotions, the pain went away and has not come back.

Negative emotions can also affect your emotional and mental health as well. I deal with many “abused” women.  These women are “filled” with fear and low self-esteem at a cellular level.   When trying to make a life decision to get out of their situation, they look at life from a lens of fear and can’t leave.  After several treatments to release fear/guilt/low self esteem or more, they can start making decisions in their life from an unbiased emotional perspective.

From Police Officers with PTSD to children with anxiety to folks grieving a loss, Emotion Code can help to get your life back!

Lynn Anne Hill is an Energy Practitioner and is a Reiki Master and Teacher, an Emotion Code Practitioner & Therapeutic Touch Practitioner. She can be reached at 705 872-8357 or

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