Overstock Liquidation Supporting People with Disabilities

Overstock Liquidation Staff

Overstock Liquidation in Lakefield is proud to support individuals with disabilities. After prompting by her employees, Sheryl agreed to speak about the story behind Overstock’s conception. The idea for opening the store came about when considering what their son would do after he finished school at 21, Quinten has an intellectual disability. “It’s important for people to realize how valuable people with disabilities really are. They are part of the community.” It benefits everyone when they are working and being productive in the community, says Over.  Quinten say’s “Working at Overstock helps me to build skills. I like to work with my coworkers. It’s fun to work in a happy environment.”

With four employees with special needs, Sheryl has created an inclusive workplace where everyone is able to work at a pace that suites their needs and creates a sense of accomplishment. Brandon who has been working at Overstock for quite some time says “I like working here because it is like a second family to me, not only is it a second family but it has helped me over time with my strengths. Overstock is a friendly environment and a happy place to work.” Heather, another employee says “Overstock gives me work experience and the staff treat you as family. By having a job, I am gaining independence.”

Working at Overstock helps me with my self-esteem. The staff are easy to work with and I am gaining work experience” Says Haley another employee.

Sheryl stresses that more business need to consider making such a difference in someone’s life, as everyone deserves the chance to feel productive and useful. Sheryl also concedes that training employees with special needs takes longer, but the payoff for the business and owner is that you have a long-term; sometimes life-long employee.

Overstock liquidation takes pride in making great strides to support people with disabilities within our community.

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