Protection and Avoidance of Black Flies and Ticks

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Black flies are known to be prevalent from mid-May to approximately the end of June. (cold and wet can keep them here longer) Ticks, can be found in many wooded areas and are most active from approximately April to November.

Here are some suggestions to help you protect yourself and avoid unwanted bites this year!

• Educate yourself about ticks, their bites and black flies.

• Leave perfumed products in the city.

• Bring light colour clothes with long sleeves and high necks.  They say dark colours for ticks but the ticks are hard to see.

• Natural fabrics like cottons are best because they breathe.  Shirts should be long enough to tuck into pants and pants long enough to tucked into your socks with boots, hiking shoes with closed toes.   

• Hats that fit over your ears or bug hats or jackets.

• Stay in open areas and stay on the trails.  Shrubs, tall grassy meadows and leaf litter increase your chances of being bitten.

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• The bugs are most active in moist, overcast days, early morning and late afternoon.

• Ask at the visitor’s area of recreational parks if there are known risk areas for ticks.

• Bug repellents work for both.  Many prefer to coat clothing rather than applying directly to the skin.  Bug repellents should not be used on children under 6 months.

• Mosquito netting will help protect children in playpens or cribs along with proper clothing.

• After hiking check yourself thoroughly at the entrance to your cottage. Clothes should go directly in washing machine. A dryer will make sure they are gone. Don’t forget backpacks.

• A shower will wash away loose ticks.  Please educate yourself how to safely remove if one is imbedded.

• Bug sticks don’t smell nice and they do sting, but they will ease itching & swelling.

• A lint remover is invaluable for removing any loose ticks on both you and your pets.

• Don’t forget to check your pets after being outdoors.

• An Epi Pen and a pair of tweezers should be in your First Aid Kit.

• Excessive swelling and/or discomfort should be medically treated.

Enjoy the summer in beautiful cottage country!

Contributed By Carol Dewey, WRD Cottage Rental

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