Relocation and Repatriation

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Many of us feel that we’re really good at something – anything from something simple to something far more complex.  Transporting an individual who is seriously ill, bedridden at home or in long term care is in a category all its own – a complex and a daunting undertaking.   

“Most of us think of ourselves as problem solvers but when medical situations arise people become overwhelmed”, says Gail Courneyea RN and President of Angels of Flight Canada. It all starts with “we need help”, “who can help us”, “what do we need to do”, and “who can we call”? People are going to find themselves in real difficulty as they try to navigate all the complexities of relocation/repatriation for someone in need of medical treatment or palliative care or need to be closer to family.

We have an aging population in Canada who often want to return to their birth place, country of origin or who need to be closer to family to recover or spend their final days.   Due to health issues, they have special travel needs.

When you can make one call to get answers to your questions, receive the knowledge you need to make informed decisions, get an interpretation of medical reports even if they originate in a foreign language, and have all the necessary travel arrangements organized and executed, you have just saved yourself a lot of worry, precious time, and expenses.  One call can be a great source of relief.

For Hospitals and Healthcare professionals, moving your patient within days rather than weeks or months will not only produce costs savings to your facility, but taking care of all the communications and logistics will save valuable time for your staff.

As a healthcare based company, the focus is on the detailed co-ordination of medical transport, including air ambulance, commercial airlines, ground ambulance, travel and varied support services. Highly trained and experienced Registered Nurse Case Managers will advocate, guide and support those in need, facilitating all their necessary travel requirements from wherever they are to where they need to be.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” rule.  Every medical situation is different and there are always challenges.  Confirming a hospital admission at the new destination may be time consuming but it’s all part of the process.

Time is always of the essence in a medical situation. After 29 years of experience together with worldwide partnerships, the obstacles can be identified and overcome.

When you have a leaking faucet, you call the plumber, and when your car breaks down you call a mechanic. If you’re faced with having to relocate or repatriate someone in a medical situation, you can choose the “go to people”.

Angels of Flight Canada Inc.  Toll-Free 1 (800)563-7686


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