Searching for Your Dream Getaway!

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Searching for Your Dream Getaway!

Have you ever sat around the computer winter, spring, summer or fall and dreamt about owning a get-away from the hectic everyday life?  Believe it or not many people go through the process for years before finally choosing to take the plunge of property ownership.

One thing they seem to forget to do while they’re “dreaming” at home or work is discuss with each other 3 important things:

The must have things – Like 3 Bedrooms vs 2 Bedrooms or a Small or Large Lake, number of bathrooms etc.

The I’d like to have things – Like a fireplace, lakeview not a river
view, updated kitchen, basement etc.

Your Dream Cottage – With Western/Eastern Exposure, Granite
kitchen, Garage & Boathouse etc.

It’s worth the time to sit down with your partner or co-purchaser and discuss the above items prior to embarking on your search.  You may find that you have vast differences in what each of you want.

For many, it may be the kitchen or maybe a window seat to sit with your morning brew while enjoying the peace of the water.  For others, it may be a garage or workshop or boathouse to protect prize possessions.

The secret is to communicate and compromise before you start out on the journey to find the perfect place for family and friends to enjoy for years to come.  So many people purchase a property, only to find out that what is their “dream” may not be so for the rest of the family. What they thought would be a long-term getaway loses its charm in a brief period of time, and for some it can end up being sold for barely what was paid for it, simply because no one comes up to enjoy it but you.

Remember DREAM – DISCUSS – EXCUTE.  This way everyone will be on board and can enjoy the Dream with you!

By Wendy Hunt of Hunt4Dreams Realty
Toll Free at 1-844-738-1414 or 705-731-7715

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