Spring … At the Farm

There is excitement in the air … the sunshine lasts longer, the breeze is warm and the crows are calling their welcome to spring! 

As horse people, we are particularly enthusiastic about warmer weather.  No more snow load sliding off the arena roof, or the bitter cold winds of winter blowing and creating an atmosphere of terror in our indoor arena … as flight animals our horses, even those that are normally quiet and dependable,  can become frazzled animals that bolt and run … and as such, we the riders … look forward to spring more than other animal lovers!!

As soon as the crows begin their February calls, we as horse owners, begin to wake up to the arrival of spring.  We longingly look to the outdoor sand ring and round pen, hoping that soon it will be dry enough for us to ride and school outside.

Spring has a common theme for all horse stables:  mud and horses shedding.  Neither are fun but both are a reality.  Some farms have more mud and some horses shed in greater quantity  … but on the bright side, both are signs of warmer weather coming.   And warmer weather gets us out of our winter slumber and begs us to ask the question … What inspires us?  Accomplishing new goals or completing old ones.  Attendance at equine fairs, booking lessons or attending clinics is always a good way to begin a season.  Spring at a horse stable brings reflection  on what was and what is yet to come. 

Although every year brings changes in individual circumstance, what remains steadfast for all horseman, at all levels of horsemanship, is there is always a new bar to reach and after surviving winter, it is always exciting.

Submitted by Janice Ecclestone, Inukshuk Farm

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