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boathouse on the water

Keeping Track of Your Costs

Keeping Track of Your Costs

While there are a growing number of Canadians who are opting to live on the water permanently, the majority of cottage owners still use their property for recreation purposes. In other words, this is their secondary property as opposed to a main dwelling.  The distinction between primary and secondary property is extremely important when we

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Ensuring Your Financial Affairs Are Ready For A Worst Case Scenario

Summer is finally here and while many Canadians will make the annual sojourn up to cottage country for the season, a large number will also take to the road, air and water for trips further afar. While the focus before travel is usually on getting new clothes, arranging for pets and making sure the neighbours

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Andrew Pyle and staff

Avoiding the Debt Trap

Prior to the financial crisis of 2007 Canadians never knew that central bank interest rates could ever be zero, or negative as in the case of Europe. GIC rates were typically above 4 per cent and being offered a mortgage of 6 per cent was considered a good deal. Things changed drastically after the crisis

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Unlocking Equity for Investing

For many Canadians the properties they own, whether it be their home or cottage, will represent the single largest investments they will make.  Individuals will no doubt have investment portfolios, such as RRSPs, but the share these represent of the total net worth picture could be small.  In some cases an excessively large percentage of

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Spring Cleaning Your Financial Matters

This past winter seemed to drag on, but with Spring finally here our thoughts turn to sprucing up the inside of our homes and getting the gardens and lakefront ready for those relaxing summer days ahead.  Spring cleaning also involves our financial matters and it’s a good time to see where things are so the

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Market Volatility is Normal

Coming into 2018 there was a healthy debate over whether global stock markets would continue to move higher or stall out.  Bulls pointed to the coordinated economic growth among the world’s largest economies, while bears looked at this rally dying of old age given that it is now the second longest in post war history. 

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Planning Takes on an Even Greater Importance with a Business

It is a fact. Small businesses in this country have and still do account for the lion’s share when it comes to employment growth and the building of strong communities. This past year has been somewhat stressful as the federal government introduced proposed changes to how private corporations are taxed and this has influenced how

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Andrew Pyle and Employees

2017 Another Year of Growth and Change for the Pyle Group

More than a decade ago, Andrew Pyle made a commitment to clients that his wealth management practice would not grow at the expense of clients. In other words, adding clients without building the infrastructure beneath was neither desirable or feasible in this changing and more complex environment. Individuals, families and businesses wanted more than just

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